Natalie Diaz talks about her new book

Chris Talkalai

Natalie Diaz speaking at the Haskell Library picture by Chris Talkalai

Natalie Diaz came to visit Haskell Indian Nations University and talk about her new book Post-colonial Love Poem.
“A lot of it is about Indigenous love. How you can express that through natural elements from deserts to storms, to the river, and also trying to love one another in family, even if maybe sometimes our actions are not seen as lovable through outside of our families and communities.”
Ms. Diaz is from the Fort Mojave Indian Village in Needles, California.
Many poets and writers attended the event to see Ms. Diaz speaking about the meaning of her poems, and how she gets inspired to write. There were snacks and drinks for everyone that wanted to listen to Ms. Diaz.
After the event she sold and autograph couple books, titled, “When My Brother was an Aztec.” She also gave advice to young writers that like to publish their poetry, she is self-publishing her new book.

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