Helpful Advice from Graduates

By Erynn Ducheneaux

Mimi Miller will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Graduation is around the corner for Haskell students, meaning the end of another academic year.

Haskell Graduation is coming up!

As some are departing and starting their new chapter outside of Haskell, there will be a new group of freshman/transfers who will be taking the graduates place in the fall. For a lot of these freshman/transfers, they don’t know what to expect and what to look out for. Two students who will be graduating this Spring had some good advice for the new incoming students. Mimi Miller who will be earning her bachelor’s degree in business administration, wants to use her education to help reservations that need it. Jae Payer who will be receiving her Associates degree in Liberal Arts, plans to return in the Fall to earn a bachelor’s degree. When asked what’s the best advice to give new students? The first thing they both said was “ALWAYS GO TO CLASS!” Jae explained from her experience here at Haskell that “not attending classes adds up in the long run.” The two girls also agreed that time management is a great necessity to have throughout college. In that same sentence, Jae added to “never drink the night before a test, you will regret it!” Mimi mentioned to purchase a planner, “being organized is important.”
Coming to a new school can be stressful, “make sure you got a good advisor. You can always change them if you need to and ask upperclassmen who the helpful advisors are,” Mimi added. As most of this might seem like common sense, it doesn’t hurt to hear it from students who have went through it. Something to keep in the back of your mind that Mimi said helps her is this question, “are you making your ancestors proud?”

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