Remembering Trevor Mohawk

Trevor Mohawk, right, is pictured with his Uncle Norman Shawanokasic at Jefferson’s restaurant in downtown Lawrence. Picture provided by T. Mohawk’s family

A few weeks ago, Trevor Mohawk, a Haskell alum was shot and killed just a couple blocks from his house in

Haskell lit the fire circle for Trevor Mohawks friends and family to come remember his life. Photo by E. Ducheneaux

Lawrence. Mohawk, 32 had graduated from Haskell and after attaining his degree, continued to reside in Lawrence. Originally from Wisconsin, he worked at the Jefferson’s Bar and Grill on Massachusetts St., he had been working there for about 6-7 years. After talking to some coworkers of his, it sounded like they all thought of Trevor as a part of their big Jefferson’s family. Lauren Mars referred to him as a “big teddy bear,” Lauren further explained that he was “always smiling and making people laugh, he didn’t have a mean bone in him.”

Lawrence Police reported that Mohawk approached a random house late at night, knocking until he was approached by the homeowner which resulted in an altercation and ended with the death of Mohawk.

“Anyone who knew Trevor, knows that he is not the confrontational type, at all. If anything, he would try to crack a joke and break the hostility” said a coworker at Jefferson’s. Trevor took in one of his fellow coworkers who was homeless and sleeping under a bridge here in Lawrence when they first met, if that doesn’t tell you what kind of guy he was. The next morning after, Jefferson’s on Massachusetts street decided to close for the day as Trevor was a big loss to their restaurant family. Haskell also lit a fire on campus in the fire circle along with cedar and tobacco to pay respect in memory of Trevor. Some of his Jefferson’s family paid their respects and visited the fire circle and made the trip to Wisconsin to attend his services.

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