TRIO SSS Takes Goes to the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention (NSLDC)

by Tiffany Blevins

On Thursday April 5 th 2018 a chosen 8 of the Haskell TRIO students (including the two student interns) and 2 Haskell TRIO staff, set off for Chicago Illinois to attend the National Student Leadership Diversity
Convention (NSLDC). The conference was hosted by the Marriott Hotel of Chicago Illinois with the Key Presenter being Dr. Chris Irving. According to the NSLDC Website, Following the completion of his
Master’s Degree in Public Policy and International Affairs, Chris started a small consulting group called the Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America based out of Bloomfield, NJ. He is known for his dedication to social Justice and to leadership development.

During this conference our students had the opportunity to develop their sense and understanding of leadership and diversity along with being able to educate others in the culture and diversity of Native Americans/Indigenous People. Much of the conference lacked inclusion of Indigenous Issues. Through the willingness to be speak from our students, and the willingness to listen from the presenters, Indigenous Issues/ statistics shall be included in future conferences. The students also had some cultural experiences of Chicago, having enjoyed some classic deep dish pizza at Giordano’s Pizza, taking a trip to see the famous sculpture “The Bean”, and taking a trip into Chicago’s China Town.

NSLDC lasted for 3 days, ending on Sunday April 8 th 2018 as a success. Each student and TRIO staff member was able to walk away with something they felt they had learned or gained by attending the conference. Participants arrived safely back to campus on Monday April 9 th 2018 at midnight. irving-m- a/

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