Campus Talk Haskell Indian Nations University

The Show Must Go On

by Rashad Squalls
Haskell Indian Nations University has recently undergone scrutiny from members of a social
group by the name of Savage Family. Student Senate and Administration of Haskell University decided
not to host a Youth empowerment program and panel to take place on March, 9 , 2018 for various

The group, Savage Family collective has been featured on Viceland as a Militant Indigenous rap group
who promote social resistance. Micheal Frease is one of their members who made direct contact with
Haskell in hopes of getting approval from administration, to publicize his group’s presentation. The
event was set to be viewed inside of Haskell’s auditorium which normally requires a month in advance
for approval. Frease was seeking administration approval within a two week span.
One of the other requirements for the event was for Frease to get an approved signature from a student
club sponsor. One of the sponsors that Frease was in contact with was Jancita Warrington, Haskell
Museum, who stated, “being that we are a Federal Government funded school there are guidelines we
must follow and adhere to.”

Student Senate and administration was asked to provide funds for the budget of the
presentation and travel expenses. “A set amount was agreed upon by both parties and approved” says
Jamie Colvin, Sophomore class representative, Student Senate.

Frease also asked if he could bring a film crew to record the event but was told he needed to get
authorization from administration which would require more approval time from the set date of the
presentation. Warrington notified Frease that Haskell administration could not provide the full amount
of funds that they had requested. Additionally Warrington needed a statement of quotes regarding the
expenses for the presentation which was never provided. Frease became angry and made some
derogatory remarks at Warrington.

Warrington decided not to sponsor the event in response to the verbal altercation. Frease
commented, “I ain’t worried bout what federal sellout employees whom get paid from Trump think the
whole system is set up to keep us sleep” quoted from Frease via facebook. After the smoke cleared
Frease held a similar event at K.U. which they were not paid for.

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