New Closet and Bed Set

by Chris Talkalai

During spring break students had the chance to head home and spend the week with their friends and families. But for the students that stayed at Haskell, particularly at Roe Cloud Hall, they dealt with contractors moving in new beds and closet sets for the rooms.

Students that remained were awoken from contractors taking out old furniture. Dozens of closets and beds were displayed around the center stairwell, on the second floor. And as the week progressed, many students waited for the new bed equipment and had to sleep on their mattress, which were on the floor.

New bed frame and closets are the same set as Blalock and OK Hall. S.R.A., Kynser Wahwahsuck stated, “they recently did the furniture in OK Hall, and in Blalock in the past years. So that’s why Roe Cloud is the next step with new furniture.” Roe Cloud is the third dorm to have equipment replacements, but will they continue with Winona and Pocahontas dorm? We’ll find out sooner or later.

In the end, the new equipment arrived, and it was a little bit of a hassle for students that had to put it together themselves. But for many the old wardrobe furniture didn’t quite work anymore, and some were broken. And now, the new equipment can be used for the next several years at Haskell.

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