Escape Reality with Massage Therapy

by Rashad Squalls

Some of us wake up and dread having to exert extra energy throughout the day. The fatigue from stress can weigh heavy on our minds and bodies. If not properly managed health problems can occur such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, mental health problems, along with other various illnesses. It is of upmost importance to not deprive ourselves of relaxation. Haskell’s Indian Nations University undergraduate Donald J. Dewit is working on a career as a health practitioner. Dewit specializes in massage therapy and uses his training to relieve the community around him from day to day tension. There are many different techniques used with massage therapy such as trigger point, acupressure, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, hot stone, plus many more. Dewitt says that his favorite method for massage therapy is using hot stones on his clients. “Massage treatment is an organic way to reduce back pain and arthritis, as well as help with the quality of sleep that you recieve overnight” quotes Many people from the community have become Massage therapy clients due to the health benefits. “I work with all types, the elderly, adults, teens, and kids”, quoted Dewit. Dewit is also a traveling massage therapist who has recently been to Cancun Mexico, Belize, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas City. He has had the privilege to provide his services to a vast range of clients. When asked what Dewit’s favorite part of his career was he responded, “The best part of my job is that I get to make somebody’s day better whether they’re seeing me for body pain or stress. My clients will tell me that they feel more relaxed and calm after their treatment”. Next time you feel overwhelmed from school, work, or running errands throughout the day consider massage therapy, treat yourself.

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