Career Fair

by Chris Talkalai

What are you going to do after school? 

Finishing up school can be a tough decision after completing your requirements. Figuring out what you want to be, and how to get there. And that’s what career fair offered at Haskell. Booths with career opportunities for students to visit and get acquainted with the program and or company. Many students came and visited the stands to get information, as well to get free stuff that they displayed on the tables.

Students dressed up for the best dress competition. Haskell senior, Phil Sutherin commented, “combination of the stamp book, free stuff, and a lot of career opportunities. There’s been a lot of awesome people that had cool experiences, and a lot of good connections, it’s been a really rewarding experience.” Everyone enjoyed the career fair for job opportunities, internships, and general information that seem suitable for anyone’s career.

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