by Tiffany Blevins On Thursday April 5 th 2018 a chosen 8 of the Haskell TRIO students (including the two student interns) and 2 Haskell TRIO staff, set off for Chicago Illinois to attend the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention (NSLDC). The conference was hosted by the Marriott Hotel ofContinue Reading

by Tiffany Blevins “The Power of Choice” I was standing in line waiting to accept my scholarship check and discussing with my friend about the week I just had. In the last week I had received two accomplishments through my art, went on a trip to Chicago with the TRIOContinue Reading

by Chris Talkalai What are you going to do after school?  Finishing up school can be a tough decision after completing your requirements. Figuring out what you want to be, and how to get there. And that’s what career fair offered at Haskell. Booths with career opportunities for students toContinue Reading

by Joseph Singh The ghosts of Haskell Indian Nations University are sacred. The spirits of students and alumni alike have been sighted in various places on campus. There is a woman who reportedly frequents the basement of Pocahontas Hall, a dormitory for freshmen female students. A cloaked figure has been reportedContinue Reading

by Chris Talkalai The name “Redskin” is a term used for Native Americans, but for some, they consider offensive toward Indigenous people. Recently, Haskell premiered the documentary, “More Than a Word.” It expresses the opinions of Native Americans toward the football team named, Washington “Redskins.” John and Kenneth Little documentedContinue Reading

In October 2017 Haskell Indian Nations University was award a $449,985 three year grant through the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). Through the grant, Developing Future Victim Specialists for Indian Country, OVC seeks to further cultivate a workforce focused on providing services to American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN)Continue Reading