Haskell Royalty Candidates for 2018

By Diamond Williams

Haskell Royalty Candidates for 2018-2019 answer the question: Why are you running for Miss Haskell/ Haskell Brave?

Name: Troy Watterson
Tribe: Bishop Paiute
Class: Sophomore soon be Junior
Quote: I running for Brave to be able to represent Haskell in a good positive manner and to be able to represent all the tribal nations who have student attending Haskell







Name:Autumn Powell
Tribe: Navajo ,Window Rock, AZ.
Class: junior
Quote: I am running for Miss Haskell for to improve for our student’s wellness because Mr. Gipp and (Judith) Gipp tell past stories of students playing lacrosse on the powwow grounds, biking club riding around the Lawrence community, and there were so many different clubs that hosted many events and activities for students to participate in. They did that with the resource Haskell had, but over the years it’s diminishing rapidly that it’s hard to have re-start again. I want to be able to incorporate more activities that are available for students to join. I want to able to see Haskell as an active campus. I also want to represent the bi-racial students here at Haskell who may feel left out because some of them didn’t grow up knowing our tribe’s traditions and we come here learning about it on our own because no body has time to teach them. I attended the Black Panel and a lot of the Black students said they would like to see other black, white, and Latino students on the school website or when AIS classes teaching the similarities Black and Natives faced down in history.

Name: Ahnawake Dahn Toyekoyah
Tribe: Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma
(Caddo, Delaware, Blackfeet, Klamath, Pit River, Kickapoo, Seminole, and Shasta)
Class: Sophomore
Quote: I would love the opportunity to be Miss Haskell because I believe I’m a great candidate for the position. I’m outgoing, kind, and I love learning about other tribes and traditions. I’m in touch with my culture and understand how valuable it is to pass from generation to generation. Given the chance to represent Haskell, I would like to help advocate for student opinions and voices. The chance to represent this University, which has helped me so greatly, is an incredibly exciting possibility and one I hope to be considered for.

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