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TRIO SSS Takes Goes to the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention (NSLDC)

by Tiffany Blevins On Thursday April 5 th 2018 a chosen 8 of the Haskell TRIO students (including the two student interns) and 2 Haskell TRIO staff, set off for Chicago Illinois to attend the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention (NSLDC). The conference was hosted by the Marriott Hotel of Chicago Illinois with the Key […]

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Tiff’s Two Cents

by Tiffany Blevins “The Power of Choice” I was standing in line waiting to accept my scholarship check and discussing with my friend about the week I just had. In the last week I had received two accomplishments through my art, went on a trip to Chicago with the TRIO Student Support Services and had […]

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Why it is Time to let the Indian Go

by Joseph Singh Calling Indigenous people “Indian” is like calling Europeans “Japanese”. The label is erroneous and condescending. The origin of the slur comes from Christopher Columbus who mistook the American continent for India. He then labeled the inhabitants “Indians”. Perhaps it was because of the pigmentation of the Natives. Indians, Indigenous, Latinos, and Africans […]

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Haskell Bridge/ KU-Haskell Exchange Program

by Amanda Smith Haskell Indian Nations University, has many opportunities for students, from athletic programs, fraternity/sorority, different clubs, and academic programs. Students join these activities, to keep themselves busy, to learn from it, share their knowledge with others, making friends, just getting the opportunity to be apart of a group here at Haskell. One of […]

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Frank Waln at Lied Center

by Kayla Bointy Native Performance Artist Frank Waln, alongside his Dream Warriors performed at the Lied Center.  Frank Waln has inspiring words in his lyrics and his rhymes are often accompanied by the budding vocalist Tinaya Winder, who’s full voice adds poignancy to his message.  With his words and her voice, the audience can also enjoy the […]

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Stereotype Name

by Chris Talkalai The name “Redskin” is a term used for Native Americans, but for some, they consider offensive toward Indigenous people. Recently, Haskell premiered the documentary, “More Than a Word.” It expresses the opinions of Native Americans toward the football team named, Washington “Redskins.” John and Kenneth Little documented the view point of Native […]