The Man With The Ice Scraper

by Cody Vannaman

I got the chance to talk with Noah Webster aka The Man With The Scraper. I asked him why he went out in the cold and helped scrap the ice off of other people’s car? He said, “It had to be done.” I asked him to walk me through how all this went down. He responded with, “I was walking back from lunch around one and I saw people try to scrape the ice off their windshields with their id cards. Then I yelled do you need any help, so I went and helped them. After that I went inside, put warmer clothes on and moved from car to car and just didn’t pay attention to the time and keep going.”

My last question I asked him was would he do it again, he said, “Of course I would do it again. I feel it’s my civic duty to help people in the community.” So next time you see someone who needs help with something, if it’s scraping ice off their car or with a subject in school, or just anything, be like Noah and help them. A good deed can go a long way if you just help.

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