Team 155! Travels Deep Into Kiowa Country

by Kayla Bointy

Saturday, February 10th Team 155! The Haskell AIHEC Handgame Team, traveled to Carnegie, Oklahoma and entered a Traditional Kiowa-style Handgame. The Birthday Handgame was held in Honor of two Kiowa elders Vera (Cozad) Buffalomeat and Lewis Cozad. The team was greeted with warm welcomes from Haskell Alumni and the locals, and enjoyed excellent traditional foods. Over all Team 155 placed 4th, however did not go home empty handed, after the hosts and elders learned that Haskell Students alongside their Captains Robin and Jeremy Shield raised money on their own and rented vans out of their own pocket to travel down; The team and Captain Jeremy Shield were honored, blessed, and gifted a grocery basket (a customary gift for travelers). As well as being invited back to Oklahoma to play again.

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