One Game At A Time

by Cody Vannaman

Haskell Women’s Basketball Roster
21. Tiana Guillory
23. Justina Coriz-Captain
13. Paige Dale
33. Darrian Diwayan
20. Chloe Gunville
30. Nykki Benally
05. Janee Bates
22. Sierra Penn
44. Keli Warrior-Captain
1. Jandra Levi
3. Lexi Kimball
40. Devon Spoonhunter
35. Caylee Lujan

Managers: Alec Peehler and Jake White

Head Coach: Flanagan

Assistant Coach: John Morris


The Haskell Women’s Basketball Team is making it to conference this year and will play on Saturday the 24th. I interviewed most of the girls on the basketball team and their head coach for their upcoming battle in conference. I got the chance to interview Coach Flanagan (Head Coach), and he had a lot to say about his team. “We have enough talent, size, and young players we really relied on this season. Our plan is obviously to win the next game, but we want the culture of responsibility to represent the best way possible. We also have a moto I guess, it’s do everything to your best ability.”

I asked how he felt about his seniors, he responded with, “Keli Warrior is a big part in the process especially since she holds the record for most points her at Haskell, her and Justina Coriz don’t overthink anything, they are playing in the here and now, and they are always doing better everyday.”

I also asked about Paige Dale, a key player in their rotation, and if her being injured affects anything? He answered with “It affects our rotation and having other having to play her position.” I asked him how he feels about the girls, the team, and why the community should come and support them, he added with, “We have a great group of girls, we have Keli who like I said is the leading scorer in Haskell, and we are a fun and exciting group to watch.”

I got the chance to interview most of them, but not Keli, but senior Justina Coriz had this to say, “Me and Keli are trying to make our last year the best it can be. We have to play one game at a time, we are trying to survive, but be on the lookout cause you don’t wanna miss anything.” Tiana Guillory had this to say, “All the hard work throughout the season has paid off big for us.” Sophomore guard, Sierra Penn said, “I’m very excited to play with the teammates I have, I think we have a good chance at getting far.”

Darrian Diwayan is quiet, but deadly down in the post, she had this to say, “I’m not really nervous to be playing in conference, just glad to be apart of a team.” Janee Bates also sophomore guard and starter said, “We are a different team from last year, we gotta go to conference and do work. We have a good chance at winning.” Number 30 Nykki Benally said, “Every team has to play in the tournament, so if we play our game no one can beat us.”

As a reporter and fan of basketball, I think they can pull off the win and can move onto nationals and possible win it all. Most of the girls had said they wished their seniors had another year to play with them. They all motivate each other in different ways, but mainly through the game and the effort they put out. They are all very excited to be playing in conference and happy they got the two seed. If they win this Saturday they will automatically be in Nationals which would be big not just for the girls, coaches, and team, but also for the school in general.

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