Haskell Safety

by Erynn Ducheneaux

In the wake of the deadliest mass school shooting in U.S. history, Haskell students are
curious as to what the Universities protocols are if this school were to have an active shooter on
campus. Chloe Gunville, a current student at Haskell, states that she feels safe here on Haskell
campus around fellow natives but what concerns her is the law that was introduced allowing KU
campus to carry firearms. For her being a bridge program student, and KU being a P.W.I
(predominantly white institution), she says she is a little more guarded when on their campus.
Haskell’s Code of Conduct does not include any instructions or procedures to follow regarding
an active shooter, so how would the students know what to do? Dawnee Keckler, a current
Haskell transfer student pointed out that if she were ever to be in a situation of the sort, she
wouldn’t know what to do if she were in panic mode because it is never talked about and is not
written down anywhere. Although Haskell has an E-2 Alert text messaging system in place for
emergencies, many Haskell students stated that they know nothing about it. The E-2 alert
notifications are a free service that is used during emergencies that will include time/date, a brief
description of the emergency, where and who to receive further information from. Students can
sign up for these alerts at Haskell.edu. But that is only one form of security, are there others?
Haskell has unarmed security patrolling the campus but what about inside the buildings and what
happens when their shift ends for the day? Acting director of Haskell library, Carrie Cornelius
indicated that it has been brought up in previous staff meeting about what to do if an active
shooter were to enter the building, she then stated they go into lock down, get students away
from the windows and find an enclosed room for the students and staff to hide out in. Carrie did
also mention that this is not talked about enough and the evacuation maps are outdated but in the
aftermath of this shooting, Haskell staff have recently received an emailing regarding an
upcoming safety trainings for this type of situation and are also encouraging students to report
anything they may see or hear that does not sound or feel right to authorities on campus. Students
deserve to feel and know how to be safe. Chloe Gunville mentioned that maybe the school
should have metal detectors and card access to get into buildings, not too bad of an idea.

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