Valentine’s Day

by Tiffany Blevins

Valentine’s Day is really frustrating from a women’s perspective in regards to what kind of gift is acceptable to give a
man. Every holiday I come across that includes gift giving is always frustrating in this way. Men are so
hard to shop for. Everything they want is super expensive: tools, sports gear and equipment, video games,
things for their car, and the list can go on and on. Spending like 50$ + on a non major holiday is painful.
Now with girls, you can buy them some ten dollar boquet of flowers, five dollar stuffed animals or even
write a poem, that costs nothing out of your wallet, and they LOVE it. I remembe this one Valentine’s
Day, I was in the 5th

grade. I had the biggest crush on this one boy in my class (we will call him C.C.).
C.C. was just about the sweetest country boy you could ever meet. So I decided to get him a V-Day gift to
tell him how I felt. So I watched some romantic comedies to get ideas on what people like for vday. I
wanted to get it right so I got him: A box of chocolates, a stuffed animal, a single rose, and of course a
card confessing my affections. To top it off I combined it all into a lovely gift basket and left it in the
front office for him to deliver. BIG MISTAKE! I was the absolute laughing stock of my grade that day.
Aparrently it is odd for boys to receive those kinds of things. C.C on the other hand was not unkind to me,
but he did avoid me for a month before we regained our normal friendship after the weirdness of rejection
faded. Well what I learned that day was, most men, do not like the same type of gifts that girls do,
generally speaking ( I know there are always the exceptions). 15 years have passed since my 5th
failure and I still have a hard time figuring out what to get a guy, and even more pressure on finding the
right gift for him that won’t break the bank. Come on guys, help us girls out with some gift ideas 20$ or

under and save those bigger items for bigger holidays like Christmas.

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