Haskell Softball Preview

The Haskell softball team huddles around Coach Gary Tanner

By: Cody Allan Vannaman

The softball team is more determined and focused this year compared to any season in the past according to their players. Speaking with three freshman on this year’s team: Kylee Sellers, Shawn Harrah, Nicole McWilliams and assistant coach, Summer Moncivais. All of them stated, “we want to win as many games as possible. We want to win conference and keep the program alive here at Haskell.”

When asked what they meant by keep the program alive here at Haskell, their response, “have more people want to come here and play softball, by looking at how well we played this year and the possibility of success later on.”

Why should the community come watch them?  McWilliams said, “come watch the change, we are in a vulnerable spot right now, whatever we do everyone will see and they will hopefully see us win.” Second baseman Shawn Harrah said, “We aren’t the same team as last year, don’t compare us to any team without watching us play.”

Assistant coach Summer Moncivais had this to say about the team, “We work pretty well together, we’re hard working, flexible to change, and we are a championship caliber team. Everybody here shows so much dedication to wanting to win and just wanting to work hard towards our goals.”

When speaking about softball coach Gary Tanner, they responded, “we love our coach, he’s like a father figure in a way, real good role model, and he just wants the best for us.” When asked about their senior captain Brianna Smith they respond with, “She’s ready for a change this year, we are glad that we have her on our team, and she’s like a big sister to us.”

Head Coach Gary Tanner had a lot to say on this season and on the team. “We are a part of Haskell and if we had to have a goal in mind it would be to be a positive part of Haskell and grow along with the University. Winning is expected, one step at a time.” Tanner had compliments about his only senior captain Smith, “she’s a leader, leads by example, takes the team personal, understands this is her last year, and wants to make the most of it for her and her teammates.”

Tanner commented on players to watch out for.  “Nicole McWilliams, Kylee Sellers, and Lindsey Lofton. Lindsey is there starting shortstop and lead-off batter. We have a good group of girls, a lot of young players that can grow together in the next few years, by supporting and helping each other in all areas.”

Tanner reiterated he wants the team to be successful in all areas of Haskell. “I want all the girls to graduate, we want to win balls games, and produce a product or event that will get the Haskell community to come watch us play.”

When asked if he thinks this year will be better than the other years, Tanner said, “The past is the past, we continue to improve and we don’t want to be compared to any team in the past. We practice hard and work hard, that’s another reason we want people to come watch our games, it’s to see what we’ve done, because we do it for them.”

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