Flanagan Has High Hopes for Women’s Basketball Team

by Travis Campbell
photos courtesy of Brent Cahwee

Haskell women’s basketball coach, Shane Flanagan, spoke with the Indian Leader briefly about the 2017-2018 season and his hopes for the team.

“We have a young team, so I’m starting three freshmen and relying on a lot of freshmen this year. We have two seniors, Kelli Warrior and Justina Coriz. The season’s going pretty good we’re just trying to learn how to win right now and do the little things. We’re much taller than we’ve been, and more athletic than we’ve been. It’s a new group and I think right now, they’re just learning how to play together. I’m very excited about it.”


Flanagan stated that he believes that the team will do well in conference play and that the team has been constantly improving and working hard since the beginning. “The talent is there, we just have to start executing now. I’m extremely excited about this group.”

Kelli Warrior, one of the two seniors on the team, is within

200 points of breaking Haskell’s career record, which Flanagan believes she will accomplish in the 2017-2018 season. Another highlight of the season has been being selected to be the only tribal college to wear Nike’s N7 uniforms and it is something that the team takes a lot of pride in.


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