Book Review: “The People Shall Continue”

by Sean Parrish


The People Shall Continue is a children’s literature book, re-released by LEE & LOW BOOKs. It was written by Acoma Pueblo storyteller and poet; Simon Ortiz  and illustrated by Sharol Graves. The book gives an overview about the hidden history pertaining to the genocidal actions which colonist projected upon our ancestors. Most importantly this book reminds the readers that Native Americans did not only inherit their ancestors TRAUMA, but they also inherited their WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, AND STRONG SPIRITS.

This book is revolutionary based on the concepts it introduces to children. It is recommended that The People Shall Continue is used in classrooms. This book is a good way to introduce difficult concepts that students may use as a building block later. If it is not on your child’s class reading list, it would be beneficial to parents to have their children read the book. This book will widen their world view and have them think about one of the most controversial topics of the day: race.

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