Shadow Figure Seen in Curtis Hall

by Kayla Bointy

On a cold October evening, while walking back to her dorm, Lisha Numan witnessed something spooky inside of Curtis Hall.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Lisha Numan:  “I think they’re just entities, residual energy who used to reside here and who don’t know they’re not living, perhaps lost.

Did you witness this with your own eyes?

“I saw it through my phone, actually. I was walking from Winona with my friend, who had injured her ankle, so we were walking slowly. I happened to look at the windows at Curtis and I see one TV on. and I stopped to look at it. I thought it was odd the TV was on so late. so I took out my phone and recorded on Snapchat, I scanned across Curtis slowly, I zoomed in on the tv slowly, and right when I zoomed in enough to see the tv clearly, a transparent figure! Slowly moved left to right in front of the tv!”

What did the figure look like to you?


“It looked like somebody peeking, as if someone was walking in front of the tv, but it was transparent. Because you could still see the tv through it. But it didn’t look normal… it looked stretched out, like expanding, as if its body was catching up to itself.

How did you respond?

“I said Uudah*! I almost ran away, but I realized my friend had a hurt ankle and I couldn’t take off on her.”

*Uudah is Paiute word, an exclamation meaning surprised or scared.

What did you do after and what are your thoughts now?

“ I walked back to my room and smoked myself off (with cedar) to make sure nothing followed me back. I still feel weird about it .”

Do you find it interesting this happened in October :

“Yes because, it’s the anniversary of different past events, the campus was very active … also its near Halloween. “

You agreed to this interview, may I ask why you didn’t post the video?

‘I don’t want anyone to exploit the spirits or going into Curtis, without knowing what it is. I don’t know if it’s malevolent or benevolent. There are spirits all around that don’t reveal themselves, so I wonder why that did now and why did I see it and not my friend.‘’

It is the opinion of Numan and many others to not exploit the spirits of Haskell, to leave the spirits alone. Haskell is an old place and we must respect all residents. Haskell is our home. With that being said, if you have any paranormal experiences don’t be afraid, just be respectful.

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