“IT” Movie Review

by Obadiah Eastman
Stephen Kings IT just recently hit theatres on September 8, 2017. The new movie was a remake of the 1990 two-part TV of the same name. The TV series most notably starred Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown and caused many young viewers to gain a new fear of clowns. Interesting enough, in King’s book the monster that is IT hibernates for 27 years in between its murdero

us rampages that go on for approximately a year. The remake of the clown into film has followed this pattern and was made exactly 27 years after the original TV series. IT doesn’t stop there when it comes to interesting facts though.

In just its opening weekend alone the movie hauled in $123 million breaking a few box records along the way for the month of September. It beat the largest September opening weekend which was set by the film Hotel Transylvania back in 2015 with 48.5 million. It also overcame the biggest opening weekend for a horror movie which was previously set by Paranormal Activity 3 in 2011 with 52.6 million.

In this new adaptation of the book into film Bill Skarsgård now plays the role of Pennywise. Going around campus I was able to ask a few students on what their thoughts of the film were.

Susan Hawkins, a Haskell freshman said, “It was suspenseful, but it wasn’t too scary. A lot of horror films seem to like to go for jump scares, but this one didn’t. Its scariness came from a culmination of constant scary things happening around the main cast. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you want to know what I mean I say go and see it for yourself. I would definitely recommend people to go and watch the movie! I mean, I’m going to watch it again soon.”

Mariah Hicks, a Haskell Junior said, “The movie was pretty great, but disturbing to watch. I mean, who isn’t disturbed by a clown that appears from the sewers and eats children. Overall, I highly recommend the movie. If you don’t mind horror movies go and see this one. I just hope it doesn’t spur the clown sightings to happen again from last year. Where all the creepy clowns were walking around during the day and at night. Now that’s scary.”

Weston Smith, a Haskell Senior said, “It turned out better than I thought it would be. Remakes usually don’t do well. Comparing this one to the original I can’t really say which one is better than the other. They are both equal when it comes to scaring children who will most likely watch it. I would recommend it, because it really does do the old film justice and was done well. The actors and the filming itself really shined together in this film.”

IT is currently playing in theatres everywhere and is definitely a movie you would want to see with family and friends.

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