Roof on Hiawatha Hall finally being repaired

By Allen Stephenson

Renovations to the roof at Hiawatha Hall took place this week.  The historic building originally served as a chapel and auditorium when it was built in 1898. Since then, it’s been re-purposed many times, acting as the girl’s gymnasium and even a theater. Hiawatha Hall fell into disrepair sometime around 2005 according to Haskell records, due to water damage and mold issues. It is also missing its church bell and no one knows where it is at. Hiawatha also boast a swimming pool in the basement.   Skyline Roofing is the contractor for the job.

Hiawatha was named for the Onondaga leader and great orator who helped influence the formation of the Iroquois League in the New York area in the late 1500’s. The National Historic Registry has requested that Hiawatha be a permanent building on campus

While the story of Haskell is varied and diverse, it is uplifting to see the restorative beginnings to a beautiful and legendary piece of history and architecture on campus.  Are you excited about restoring Hiawatha Hall?  Let us know and as always Onward Haskell.

Workers from Skyline Roofing are fixing the holes in Hiawatha Hall. Photo by Travis Campbell

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