Tribalism: Is it real? By Timothy Barber


With Haskell being a university distinctly for Native Americans. Students from different tribes face discrimination amongst each other. Historically tribes did war with one another, but does this still occur in the 21st century?

A student who wanted to remain anonymous said they “had to transfer out of a class one semester because of ‘tribalism occurring from another student.” They added that they “have not experienced tribalism from an instructor, but anything is possible. Tribalism is definitely a thing not only for light skinned natives but also for darker skinned natives,” stated the student.

Jake Bishop, freshmen, says “If tribalism does occur on campus I haven’t experienced any of it.” While also stating, “There is no real difference between tribalism and racism.”

Tom Spotted Horse, Housing Supervisor, said “There was a time when most tribes distinctly stuck to themselves, and would sometimes get into fights with students of other tribes.” “Nowadays, students look toward the individual rather than race and tribe I believe,” describes Spotted Horse.

Tribalism whether it exists or doesn’t should be looked at just plainly as bullying or as some of these source have said “racism.” With most of this information being gathered it shows that even people of the same race have a long ways to go as a human race. Native American people have held hate for each other and Non-Natives for historical reasons. The true question that needs to be answered is why do they hold these grudges?


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