The Start of a Movement

Recently the Indian Leader covered the group of students who attended Unity this past year. These same students are now bringing Unity to life for the Native youth in Lawrence, KS.

Troy Watterson a sophomore help spearhead the Unity group for Haskell so they could form a council for Native youth who have great potential he just wanted to implement resources through Haskell’s student senate. The committee is a small group but has hope of growing through-out Lawrence.

Unity itself is an organization whose purpose is to mold our Native youth into strong leaders for the world of tomorrow. The idea of bringing the message of Unity spread at Haskell when students showed a presentation that influenced students to make the change.

Jesse Campanero, Robinson Rancheria band of Pomo Indians stated what they could accomplish with the Unity committee. “It would create another opportunity to network amongst other Native students and scholars. Unity would bring more students than ever.” Campanero also stated he wanted to incorporate Unity back in his home town.

“I am going to be working with the youth in my area to try and revitalize our traditions and language especially. With the drug problem going ramped through the reservation the only hope is to save our youth. I feel Unity would be a great learning experience and help.” Campanero says being able to see youth from all over is an inspiration to him, and by joining it gives him the ability to change someone’s life.

Troy Watterson, the Chair of the Committee stated what inspires him to help native youth.

“I take what I have seen in Unity, and I see what the grand experience I gain from it from being involved in it. I have taken from what Unity mission statement is and wish to continue it to the Youth, cause had present to them the many opportunities and experiences that Unity offers. I take into view also, the youth are next leaders after our time so it be our mission to see that they are ready to step and be prepared when it their time to lead.”

By creating events such as the Haskell Healing Week from the previous fall semester, Watterson hopes it will help get the young adult population more involved and active

“I plan to help get the Committee in motion and to help establish a Unity Council here in Lawrence. I thought the best way to get people involved was take a few students that have the initiative in supporting their home community and help present them the means to help get them started by taking them to experience Unity. With some help, by getting the youth active in supporting their community and doing events that are helping their community such as supporting their elders, community clean ups fund raisers, or large community.  Events like Haskell Healing Week have opened up more for the community. This has only been a few ideas, as I believe more of the Youth would think of their own ideas for events, As most Unity Council are youth driven events from that where it starts and hope it goes after.”

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