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Native Digital Artists by Michael Begay

Living in the 21s Century with the age of computers has taken over almost all art forms, as well as creating new styles in the age of Digital Media. Haskell are some of the talented native artists who have made the switch to digital.

Roman Yearby, Choctaw and Creek is a sophomore going for a Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences (HSES) Associates Degree. Roman is a Rapper, when asked what got him into Yearby explained how rapping changed his life, “I got in to rapping because it was a way to express what I was feeling. I started recording in 2014. It has helped me get in touch with people from all over the country with the same interests”

Utilizing todays Digital Technology has Yearby expanded his art, music advertising, reaching out to his fanbase. “It is helping because we use to pass out CDs and now I can put it on the internet so location doesn’t limit the audience and I can get in touch with people from all over the country that have similar interest.”

Charlie Perry, a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and an Alumni from Haskell who received his degree in Mass Communication. Charlie is and Writer/Filmmaker, when inter- viewed he explained how he got his passion to be in the media field.

”I always used to love reading books with my grandmother growing up.

She taught me to fall in love with other worlds and characters in faraway places. When I was in fourth grade l I decided to take a shot at creating my own world filled with unique characters. My friends and I put together a short comic book complete with dialogue. I guess grandma and comic books drew me into writing stories.”

“Technology has completely changed the world of art, in my work as a filmmaker it is so much easier to edit footage on a computer opposed to cutting film by hand like in the old days. When it comes to capturing footage for a film, cameras have come a long way. Media makers today only have to capture the image, advances in technology have made it possible for us to make it anything we want.”

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