Haskell Students Share about Haskell Teachers who they Appreciate

Teacher Appreciation Week is during May 8th through May 12th this year. We asked some students who their favorite teacher is and why.

Dominique Demmert (Tlingit), a Haskell sophomore, says that her favorite teacher is Nana Allison Brewer because “she really gets into depth about math, showing you different ways to solve problems.”

Issac Johnson shares that his favorite teacher is Judy Gipp because she really makes herself available to all of her students and caters most of her time to her interns as well as a job outside Haskell as well as making a connection between Haskell students and KU students within our HSES program.” Johnson is a senior at Haskell and is Laguna and Acoma Pueblo.

Aston Osbourne, a Haskell Junior from the Cherokee Nation of OK, says his favorite teacher is “Tyler Kimbrell because he is always there to help you out when you ask for something and always there to give you that extra oomph when you need it.”

Lindsey Robinson is a sophomore at Haskell from the Osage tribe and she says her favorite teacher is Uros Petrovich because “he makes you think more critically about what you’re studying and become more precise on topics so that your writing and knowledge can be broad but direct at the same time.”

Rachel Whiteside, a Haskell junior from the Narragansett tribe, says that her favorite teacher is Rhonda LeValdo because “she inspires me to be a strong woman. Her ability to be a reporter, teacher, mother all at the same time amazes me. She’s the reason why I want to transfer to a school that focuses in journalism. She makes me want to further my career and be a strong Native American, African American, and Latina woman who’s proud of her culture and heritage.”

Kyle Drake, a Haskell sophomore from the Tlingit tribe, says that his favorite teacher is “Dr. Rains because he’s a really nice teacher who is fun to learn from. He’s pretty laid back.”


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