Ever curious what wonders lies inside Lawrence Kansas? The Penn House is definitely a gift to the Lawrence community. Penn House has several different categories it caters to its community such as helping low-income residents, college students, supplying clothing, appliances, shoes, anything a person may need to survive can beContinue Reading

  Every student must make the step to better their life by coming to Haskell and begin process of hard work and dedication I order to achieve an Associates and/or Bachelor’s Degree. Haskell is just the first step, when one is finished their time at Haskell what is the nextContinue Reading

Recently the Indian Leader covered the group of students who attended Unity this past year. These same students are now bringing Unity to life for the Native youth in Lawrence, KS. Troy Watterson a sophomore help spearhead the Unity group for Haskell so they could form a council for NativeContinue Reading