How the Camanche Came to be

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By: Joey Tosee

One day the creator was looking at the earth and though I would like to make some people to talk with and walk with, but I don’t want them to weak and powerless. I want them to be strong and able to take care of themselves.

The creator started to gather dust from the four directions. He placed the dirt in the middle of the earth and started to dance on it. As he danced the dust started to rise. At first it was just a dust cloud but the faster he danced and sang it started taking small shapes first one, than two, than three, than four. He danced and sang for four days nonstop. On the evening of the fourth day he stopped dancing and there were four people dancing with him, two women and two men.

They were made with the wind, dust and water of this world and in this they have the power of the storms in them. He told them I call you Comanche and this dance you were made with is yours and the song I sang is your words now. He walked with them for four days showing them and teaching them how to live. After four days he said I have to go back to my place, but before I go I will show you how to talk with me.

They set up all night and he thought them to pray. Then in the morning he pulled water from the river and they drank. Once they were done he said I will see you again. Now go and live my Comanche people.