Haskell Students Shine at Annual Scholarship Ceremony

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Students applaud their peers at the 2015 Haskell scholarship ceremony. Photo by Charlie Perry

Students applaud their peers at the 2015 Haskell scholarship ceremony. Photo by Charlie Perry

Haskell recently had a scholarship ceremony to commemorate the students that had good grades last semester.


by Obadiah Eastman

The scholarship ceremony took place at the auditorium at 4:00p.m on April 9th. Students who were going to be awarded at the ceremony with a scholarship were sent a notice through the mail. Many students attended and were awarded certificates recognizing them of their academic achievements from the previous semester. There was many scholarships that were distributed to students. Among other scholarships, the President’s Honor Roll, the Dean’s Honor Roll, and TCU scholarships were also awarded and recognized.

Once the students received their certificates they were able to go to the Business Office afterwards to receive their awarded money. When asked about the ceremony Haskell student Paul Goodman III had this to say. “I liked the ceremony. I was awarded the President’s Honor Roll, so that was an extra $700 in my pocket that I could use. Getting all A’s last semester really paid off.”

Another Haskell student that attended the ceremony, Mahalia Henderson said, “The ceremony felt longer then last semester but it was still enjoyable. I was awarded $500 for making the Dean’s Honor Roll, receiving only one B last semester. I think the scholarship money here is awarded pretty great, and going to the ceremony can be fun too. They usually end with everyone joining in to sing the university fight song. This year they also handed out free accreditation t-shirts with our student ID’s, so that was a plus as well.”

Many students left the auditorium and student bank with well-earned scholarship money and recognition for their academic performances here at Haskell on April 9th, 2015.