Give You’re Don’t Wants to Someone That Does

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The Phi Sigma Nu fraternity is collecting unwanted clothing to help the less fortunate. 

by Winston Robison

Not only do we have to work hard at our finals, we also have to pack up our dorm rooms and say goodbye to what we don’t need or want anymore. Oftentimes students, like in Roe Cloud, will use the lobby as an area to put out items we no longer are in need of. This is a good idea, let’s continue to do this. Not all items get taken up by other students, for what stays a few students go around the dorms picking up these items.

The students who do this would like you to know where your clothes and household items go. They go to Penn House. Penn House, is a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing, rent, and utility assistance. They do it all. They accept what we bring with open hands.

If there comes a time, not at the end of the semester, you are clearing out your dorm this is a great place to take your items. In the meantime, a handful of students will gladly take these items to Penn House for you. It’s a good feeling to know you got good grades and gave back to the community. A side note to end on…Penn House welcomes volunteers. That could be you and a group of friends, maybe next semester?