Get the Facts About Pell Grants

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Pell Grants can be life savers for students, some spend it wisely and others just go on a shopping spree. What about the ones who don’t qualify for Pell?

by  James Paddlety

Many students don’t get Pell due to their parents income, or if the student is dependent or independent. Does it make a big difference to a student who does get Pell than to another that doesn’t qualify? Some would say it does make a big difference because it makes it easier to pay off the tuition or fees. “I pay for my car payment and car insurance. I also use the rest for spending on myself such as food and necessities, I don’t use my Pell to pay for my fees because I receive scholarship money for that.” said Haylee Harris, freshman student.

For those students who don’t get Pell, it’s difficult. Haskell freshman Elizabeth Davey stated, “It’s hard without Pell but since I get scholarship money then that helps me out a lot. My parents don’t help me so it’s hard; I’m upset because you have to be eligible for Pell to work in the mail room; That doesn’t seem fair to those who don’t receive Pell.”

Sophomore Jessica Cook adds, “When I get my money I spend it wisely. The most expensive thing i spend it on is my car payments and my insurance. Also I buy food to last me and other products for myself, so I only buy stuff I need instead of something I want. I also use my Pell money to help me pay for my fees and tuition, Pell really helps me out and really comes in handy.”

To see if a student is eligible for Pell, head to the financial aid office located at the business office. Terry Lee, financial aid employee encourages students to find out if they can receive it, “fill out an application; you can get one at the financial aid office. To see if you’re eligible the form will determine by GPA and completing the file.”