Dick West Gallery to Hold Haskell Art Showcase

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Haskell University art students are throwing an exhibit that expresses their cultural heritage through Ceramics and Painting. The art exhibit will be on Thursday, April 30th from 3:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. in the Dick West Gallery Seattle Studio.

by Rachel Whiteside

Gina Adams, who has been the art teacher at Haskell for a year has been preparing for this event the whole semester. Combining both Ceramics 101 and 102 with Painting 101 and 102, there will be a total of forty students showing off their original pieces. “The audience will be seeing a whole range of pieces created by the students from paintings, ceramics, and landscape art to dream imagery, sculptural pieces and coil pots.” Said Adams.

Many of the painting and ceramics students have worked very hard this semester. Erin Stuart a student in the ceramics class shared her opinion on the art show, “I’ve made a very detailed eagle and I’m trying to make a couple more pieces before the show. I’m so excited to show off all the hard work I’ve put in.” Stuart really enjoys taking ceramics “It’s really nice because the class is twice a week, working with clay helps me relieves my stress with classes.”

Canté England a sophomore and another ceramics student in the art show will be displaying multiple pieces. “I have about four masks, half a dozen hand thrown pieces and then another half a dozen hand sculpted pieces.” When asked if she was nervous or excited about the show she commented “Heck yeah I’m excited for the art show, we’ve been working so hard. I’m so excited to show off my teepees.”

Taking ceramics and painting have been a real stress reliever for the students and has open up their minds to creativity. “I love this class, I was actually going to drop it because of the three hour labs of studio time required, but when I got the clay in my hands I realized how therapeutic it was. Stated Lori Hasselman a senior at Haskell, “I’m super excited for the community to come here and see our beautiful artwork. These pieces really are amazing.”

Many of the photographs in the art show will be a part of a project to raise money for the Haskell Art Program, this will be announced at the beginning of the exhibit. Some of the photographs that will be shown are of the students in the ceramics and painting class. All of the photos were shot by professional photographer Aaron Paden his work will show many students from the ceramics and painting class such as Camilla Hately, Randi Romero, Michael King, Peter Henry, and Vanessa Olivares.

Haskell Community come down to the art show Thursday on April 30th. It will be an event filled with the students amazing creations and pieces that combine their culture and imagination. “The students come here with their traditional sense of their culture. They interpret their culture and heritage in their art, so I’m really excited for the community to see it.”