Check out the Night Vale at Liberty Hall

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Welcome to "Night Vale."

Welcome to “Night Vale.”

By Deron R. Sun Eagle

The students of Haskell will have the chance to experience the theatrical, audience-interactive radio show of “Night Vale” at Liberty Hall.
“Take a break from you’re studies for a while and enjoy some underground alternative entertainment,” said Cheyenne Sun Eagle, environmental science senior.

Welcome to “Night Vale” the podcast created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and narrated by Cecil Baldwin in the style of a radio show. Updating the small desert town of Night Vale on such matters as:

• News
• Local weather
• Announcements from the Sheriff’s secret police
• Mysterious lights in the night sky
• Dark hooded figures with unknowable powers
• Cultural events

“Night Vale” will be featured at Liberty Hall on Monday May 4th doors open at 7:00 pm, show starts at 8:00pm, for all ages, box office ticket prices are 26.00 dollars cash only. “By paying cash at the box office, you can avoid taxes by paying online through Ticketmaster,” said a Liberty Hall employee.

The “Night Vale” will Feature:

• Live music from Disparition
• Surprise guest Star
• Live weather by Musical guest Mary Epworth.

“The Show of “Night Vale” is its own thing, I like that it’s weird and out of the normal entertainment where the setting is the main character, and things just happen. It’s not for everyone. If I were to compare ‘Night Vale’ to another form of entertainment, I would have to say the ‘Twilight Zone’,” said Krystin Arkeketa.