Movie Corner: “Unfriended” Offers a Bloody Good Time

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“Unfriended shows that social media can be murder.”

by Brittany Jackson

We have all heard the stories of kids who commit suicide because of how they are bullied through social media websites like; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. There have been movies that have shown how damaging cyberspace can be when it comes to the adolescent mind as many people pour their souls into various webpages because it is at our fingertips. In the 2011 ABC Family movie, “Cyberbully,” a girl is blatantly badgered to the point that she contemplates the worst outcome for her young life. What if the deceased could get their revenge on those who tormented them?

That is the premise of “Unfriended.” The plot is when friends; Blaire, Mitch, Jess, Adam, Ken and Val have to survive the ghost of Laura, who died one year prior to the movie’s setting. Mitch and Blaire are intending to make their prom “special” as the others join them in a chatroom on Skype. There is an unknown user in the group and slowly the individual plays deadly games killing off the ‘friends’ after they admitted the crimes committed that ultimately lead to their friend’s death. The movie shows that there was a humiliating video posted of Laura Barns, at a house party, which people in the video commented ‘kill urself’. One by one, the group begins to turn against each other as the truth is outed from not just the abuse caused to Laura, but rumors against each other.

I personally enjoyed this movie more than the previous ones that I have seen in theaters. I thought it was interesting to see the bullied take out the bullies in a more aggressive way. While I do not condone bullying behavior, this movie has a way of saying, ‘you may not get away with what you have done’. It is a thrill to see what happens and who does not perform wisely under pressure. The ending is one of the greatest and satisfying endings that I have seen since watching “Drag Me to Hell.” I don’t want to spoil anything more but people should definitely see this movie, it’s a great revenge based horror movie that will have you jumping out of your seat.