Fast and the Furious 7 Doesn’t Disappoint

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Fast and the Furious offers thrills alongside a heartfelt goodbye to Paul Walker. 

by Brittany Jackson

In November of 2013, the very famous race car franchise “Fast and the Furious” lost a member of their family in Paul Walker. The whole world took to; Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites to; grieve, console, or make jokes in memory of their beloved actor. A year later, there was a set date for the movie that Walker was scheduled to be in before his untimely death. Many people wanted to go to see his final performance and others waited on baited breath to find out who would play his role.

When the movie came out, I was very skeptical of how it was going to be. There was a lot of hoopla from the actors I followed on Twitter and Facebook about how the movie was a tribute to their departed friend. Normally, I would be really excited for a movie that was getting this much buzz but I grew to be turned off by the hype. I expected it was going to be just like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death with the “Hunger Games” franchise. To be fair, it kind of was.
The movie is much like “Fast and Furious 4-6, it takes place between 2 and 3 as it is simultaneously takes place during the events of “Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift”. The movie opens with our favorite characters trying to return to living normally after their last ‘boss fight’ against Owen Shaw. Unfortunately, the arena brings forth a new challenger, Deckard Shaw, Owen’s older brother who is played by Jason Statham. Upon seeing his sibling in the hospital, he vows to avenge him and take out Dom and his crew.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reprises his role as Luke Hobbs and is the first to come in contact with this new antagonist, losing police records to Shaw in a fight. As a result of this, Han Seoul-Oh, played by Sung Kang, is killed in Tokyo, not much of a spoiler if you have seen Tokyo Drift. Shaw invokes the services of a mercenary called Jackande to steal a program called the “God’s Eye” which can be used to track anyone via digital devices. While partnering with a new officer by the name of Frank Petty, played by Kurt Russell, Dom and the crew have to protect Megan Ramsey who is the creator of “God’s Eye.”
The film sends the audience through some crazy thrills and stunts that seem to be just for the outlandish thrill-seeker within the crowd. While trying to take down Shaw, the crew is thrown into a ridiculous subplot of finding and protecting a programmer all the while trying to add another subplot of having Michelle Rodriguez’s character regaining her memories.

The movie is great for those who are fans of the franchise and is great for the final send-off of the actor Paul Walker. If you want to shed manly tears of respect during the final scene, this movie is most definitely for you. The cars are really cool as well. Overall, this was a great movie and was well worth the wait.