2015 “Cinderella” Offers a Fresh Approach on a Disney Classic

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The Disney classic “Cinderella” gets a movie makeover.

by Brittney Jackson

Spring is often the season that starts and symbolizes rebirth and the burst of nature’s wonder where people, much like wildlife, shed their winter coats and become more active. The same can be said with this remake of a Disney classic.

With the revamp of “Sleeping Beauty” in the form of “Maleficent,” comes a new look on the story made famous by the Brothers Grimm, “Cinderella.” While the movie stays true to the magic of Disney, it offers slightly more insight into the past of “Cinderella” better than the 1950’s story. For starters, the movie opens with Cinderella’s mother, played by Hayley Atwell, who tells a young Cinderella to believe in magic and to be kind as well as fair. After her mother passes, the story goes on like the animated version and renditions with a surprise villain other than the evil stepmother.

The movie definitely delivers in the Classic Disney magic that many viewers are familiar with from childhood, while building up the empowerment of women. While I know that we have not moved forward from the opinions of empowerment from Disney’s recent films of “Frozen” and “Maleficent”, “Cinderella” differs from the recent revision of the female protagonist that isn’t based on the Damsel-in-Distress archetype.

Needless to say “Cinderella” is not like “Frozen” with a moral of stating that true love can be in any form, but displays how important it is to stand up for yourself and believe in what is important. That being said the imagery in the movie is gorgeous. The transport into the fairytale setting in which the movie takes place is nothing short of breathtaking and the costumes pay homage to the movie’s settings, especially the gown Cinderella wore to the ball. I am however not impressed with the dress because I envisioned it to look as timeless and elegant as the Disney animated move but it was still stunning on Lily James (Cinderella).

While I did take issue to the loss of the song “So this is Love”, one of my favorite songs in the original animated film, the musical composition of the movie was done really well. Keeping the more famous of the two, “Bibadi-babidi-boo” and “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, Patrick Doyle did a wonderful job with the soundtrack for the movie.

This movie is definitely on the top of my list for anyone who wants a revised dose of nostalgia. I will be waiting on pins and needles for the live-action version of “Beauty and Beast,” which recently confirmed Emma Watson is playing Belle.