NAMY Award Winning Group “Rain Song” Visits Haskell

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Terry and Darlene Wildman make up the NAMY award winning duo "Rain Song."

Terry and Darlene Wildman make up the NAMY award winning duo “Rain Song.”

Haskell students and Lawrence community members enjoyed food well listening to traditional Native music. 

by Charlie Perry @CharlieHPerry

Lawrence KS- 2009 Native American Music Award Winning Group “Rain Song” preformed a free concert for Haskell students and community members as part of the 2015 HINU/KU Empowerment Summit. The group was brought in by the “Light House” who provided a free cook out as well at Stidham Union. “Over the years we really believe that the creator has called us to travel and share our music as well as our story telling to let people know that First Nations peoples have something to give to this land. We really have something to say for this land. We got invited here by the Light House, and by you guys. Wherever the doors open up we try to come and present our music and storytelling in a respectful way. We want to honor our culture well also trying to bring a good message that will help people follow the right path,” stated Terry Wildman, lead singer of “Rain Song.”

Haskell students enjoyed a BBQ well listening to an outdoor concert provided by "Rain Song."

Haskell students enjoyed a BBQ well listening to an outdoor concert provided by “Rain Song.”

Patricia Main spear headed the effort to bring “Rain Song” to Haskell. “I got involved because this is all about student empowerment. ‘Rain Song’ carries that voice and the theme of empowering our people and the youth of this next generation.” There was a turnout of about 40 people for the cookout and concert at Stidham. Students enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs well “Rain Song” entertained them with soft sounds of the; guitar, traditional drum, and flute. Main was impressed at the turn out at the cookout and concert, “I think the event is just amazing. It’s awesome to see people from the community alongside the students and the staff to come support this event that is taking place today.”

Main enjoyed Rain Song’s style of play as well, “I love the band, I’m digging them big time. I love the sound of the flute and the drum because it just resonates in our people. The drum awakes us, it’s the heartbeat of our people. Haskell Brave candidate Calvin Smith enjoyed the peace and serenity the music offered, “I’m just going with the flow right now, it’s a pretty chill time. I’m just enjoying this good music that was brought upon me. The cook out was really fun. It’s cool to see the students come out and enjoy what’s been provided for them. This is the first time I’ve heard ‘Rain Song’ and they are a really good band.”

“Rain Song” enjoyed their visit to Haskell, Terry Wildman commented, “We’ve felt really honored, we had an opportunity to meet Ms. Haskell Aleesta Thorne, and she honored us. We got to meet many other leaders as well. We are just so honored to be here at Haskell.” Wildman also had a piece of advice to the future leaders of Indian country, “One of the things I said tonight is to go back to the elders. Go back and look at the chiefs, the ones that went through the hardest times for our people. Read their worlds and hear their heart well capturing their vision for the future. I believe that we’re here today as Native people because they prayed for us and said the right things at the right times to make a path for us to get to these times.

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