Briana Edmo to Travel to New Zealand to Help Indigenous Peoples

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Haskell graduate Briana Edmo is on her way to help out the Indigenous peoples of New Zeland and needs our help. Go Fund- #GetBrianaToNewZealand

by Briana Edmo

LAWRENCE, KS- Many of you might know Briana Edmo as the “girl who works at Curtis Hall.” What you might not know is that she is about to embark on an international adventure. Edmo (Navajo/Blackfeet/Shoshone-Bannock) plans to move to New Zealand this fall where she will embark in a 4-month law internship. She will be working in a community law center serving the Maori people and other pacific islanders.

Edmo graduates from Haskell in May with a bachelor’s degree in Indigenous & American Indian Studies with an emphasis in Tribal Sovereignty. Her career dreams are to work with indigenous people in the US and around the world. “I am eager to learn about the differences and similarities between Native Americans and indigenous communities in other countries, as well as their unique cultures and traditions,” Edmo states.

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Her dream is about to become reality. Edmo begins her unpaid internship in September and will continue through December, approximately 14 weeks. The program doesn’t come free. The program costs $8,000 (program fee), plus airfare to/from (approximately $2000) for her participation in this once in a lifetime experience. Edmo explains, “This is an amazing opportunity and it will be a wonderful experience. Not only will it give me the opportunity to learn about other indigenous peoples, but I will also be living and immersing myself in another country’s culture, which will be priceless!”

Briana and her family will host several food sale fundraisers within the next few months around the Lawrence area. If you would like to donate, she has created a “GoFundMe” account at, with the title, #GetBrianaToNewZealand. All donations would be greatly appreciated. And if you have any questions, please feel free to stop off at Curtis Hall and ask her.