Haunted Hours; a Poem about; Life,Love, and Loss

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Chanudelle’s back with another wonderful poem. Enjoy!

by Chaundelle Frazier

People come in and out of our lives as we find our own paths in this world. There are a rare few that stay with us for the long run. There are also a great deal more that drift away from us for various reasons. Life happens, plans change, accidents occur, and people don’t always keep in contact. It is missing these people during the good times that you realize how much they truly meant to you.

Haunted Hours

It is in the lonely hours I miss you.

For every hour is lonely with you gone.

It is when my joy is at a high I wish you could feel the way I do.

It is when beauty crosses my path I wish you were here to revel with me.

It is when I throw my head back in exuberance I wish you were laughing beside me.

It is experiencing new thrills I wish you could have these memories as well.

It is being in a place where we have no memories of us and creating them in my head because I see you everywhere.

It is knowing that anywhere I go, you are haunting me.