Students in Need of Assistance Can Find it at the Counseling Center

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holding hands

The Counseling Center located in Stidham Union offers a helping hand to students.

by Marissa Torres

Students who are in need of emotional support or someone to talk to can drop by the counseling center here at Haskell Indian Nations University. “The counseling center is a very beneficial place to go because it can produce a comfort level and security.” Commented Easton Bark, current student at Haskell.
Angelina Adams, a guidance counselor, comments, “We help with short term problems, whether it be; roommate issues, homesickness We work with the student conduct office to help ensure that student gets the help they need.”

The counseling center also if need be, refers them out to other agencies and programs for serious issues, such as past trauma or domestic violence.
“Students can just drop on by, they don’t need to make appointments.” Adams commented.
There is a crisis counselor on call 24/7 (785-749-8445) if need be. The counseling center is located in Stidham Hall. The counseling center also supports “Shout Out” and “Haskell Independent” here on campus. Other information can be found on the Haskell web page at