The Hate that Hate Produced a Story About Acceptance

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It seems today that humanity hasn’t been able to evolve past using violence against each other. We can say that we want the world to become a peaceful place but to attain this peace through the use of violence will only give future humanity an excuse to cause war.

We cannot influence another nation’s beliefs with the destruction of their leadership or god. Eventually, that race will want its illusion back. It has been my observation that human nature, under harsh living conditions, always accepts the tyranny of another man’s leadership. This is found to be true in many of the tribes here in American who has accepted their tyrant and all his corruption he represents.

We can only hope for others to seek peace for themselves and quest for their own liberation by their own terms. Through their own choices and spirituality they can find truth for truth is the liberator of all humanity. It is through the mind of the oppressed that the key to those shackles that imprison their families can be found…and in order to physically free their souls from the tyrannical evil that stole their human rights they must be allowed do this on their own.

The gun became the extension of human hate and with it millions have died by its barrel. We watch wars unfold and listen to the death numbers rise and yet the national consciousness on both opposing sides finds it to be a sacred cause to destroy another human family, while these nations willingly sacrifice their children for the motives of their leadership. This has always been the nature of our species, since the birth of Christ and even before.

Whatever your feelings about war might be, they lay upon your brow and upon your soul. Suffering does not lead to peace or tranquility; money does not buy utopia. Remember, we as human beings were given the gift of consciousness and through this we have the ability to make choices that could create a world understanding of peace. If we choose suffering and violence, it will only lead to more politics and add to the violent rushing river of war that exists in human nature.

Great support should go to those scared young men and women warriors who are surviving this war. Today, right at this very moment, those men and women are thinking of two things, survival and the survival of their fellow brothers and sisters who fight beside them. Many of them may have an opinion on the reasons for this particular war or war in general, but in reality they don’t have a choice to fight or not – because it’s either fight for your life or protest the reasons and go to prison at the hands of the US Military Court.

These soldiers are worried about the war’s outcome and they worry about how long this war may take as they listen to the gun fire and bombs echoing off the sky in the distance. They are loyal to one another and their country and pray for the safety of the others as well as for themselves. They do not make policy nor do they decide to fight for their lives, they just do their job to the best of their ability, and if they do survive they are all heroes for making it through to it’s end.

The earth is silently floating across the ocean of space. Within is a sickness that will not change the course of the universe but will eliminate the life of it’s evolving children within. We have turned this sacred womb into an isolated prison cell driving the human race mad. Greed will destroy the environment and it’s occupants. When this happens everyone will wake up and want to stop this destruction, but by then it will be too late; the damage will have been done.

Mankind has developed weapons to destroy one another, to end all life. Humanity today has failed to look beyond the survival of all future generations and through our hatred, ignorance and racism for each other.

Every act of violence breeds more violence, every ignorant thought breeds more racism, every murder breeds revenge, every war breeds insurmountable hate and every disregard for the earth breeds more pollution. Is this the final stage in the development of human nature? We need to breed peace and compassion rather than hate and violence. It is never too late to evolve our ways.

In order for our world to live we must become non-violent, we must choose to put down the gun – and the judgment. In order for the world to heal we must find God in the eyes of our children, whatever God that may be for each of us. For the secret to life is to preserve the world for the next generation, to always make that our measuring stick against which we judge our actions. If we teach our children to honor each other first they won’t have to watch their children die in war.