Haskell Students Weigh-in on the Recent OU Frat Scandal

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Photo via cnn.com

Photo via cnn.com

A viral video surfaced of a fraternity at Oklahoma University chanting racial slurs and Haskell students have a lot to say about the matter. The video depicted a full charter bus of Sigma Alpha Epsilon members singing “There will never be a ni—r SAE, there will never be a ni—r SAE, you can hang him from a tree but he’ll never sign with me, SAE.” Oklahoma University has taken action in response to the situation– the OU chapter of SAE has been permanently de-sanctioned and disbanded as well as expelling two students shown in the video.

Jorden Evans, Haskell junior, said, “Oh it’s totally messed up, racism shouldn’t be tolerated. OU handled the situation well– I don’t think badly of OU at all, I mean you can’t judge a group by its individuals.” Jorden went on to express his surprise at the underlying issues of Norman, Oklahoma, the town which OU is based, “Norman and Oklahoma in general have always seemed like a really racially friendly place, but this shows that racism is alive and well.  It doesn’t just apply to those guys.  It applies to any individual hating someone for their race.”

Keli Webster, member of the Haskell women’s basketball team said, “I was extremely offended, really shocked.  It was definitely idiotic on their (the SAE frat’s) part.”  She went on to say, “Oklahoma is just so extremely diverse it shocked me to see an organization that racist being permitted to operate. This just reflects badly on OU.  It makes OU and Oklahoma, in general, look bad to people from elsewhere – like ‘oh I guess racism is still ok in Oklahoma’ when it’s really not.”

Trent Bell, a Sac and Fox student, was outraged saying, “It was super ignorant. I’m sure there’s a lot of African-American students at OU to upset and this did just that.” He explained that racism was prevalent in his high school; “Well yeah, I was from an inner-city school and there were plenty of fights about racist comments between the students. You just never realize it’s still a problem until you see something like this.”

However, Trent approved of the way the situation was handled.  “They did exactly the right thing.  You don’t really know who was singing so it’s not like the whole frat could be expelled,” said Bell.