Check Frustration

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Students at Haskell that rely on scholarships are frustrated when checks are not disbursed as soon they would like. “I think it should be more organized, so that students living off of scholarships don’t have to wait that long”, commented Deanie Lucero, current student at Haskell.

Carlene Morris, financial aid coordinator stated, “that it depends on what scholarship it is and the scholarships requirements.”

There are two different scholarships categories, need and merit. Merit is solely based on GPA. Need is the remaining sum to pay off school. “Students need to be patient. We try really hard to breakdown the process. When checks are distributed, it goes to the Haskell Foundation and where they process the check. After that the check goes to the business office and lastly it gets transferred to the financial aid office. From there the business office sends out an award letter informing the students the check is ready to be disbursed. I advise students to check with their tribes if it comes from their tribe, check their Haskell email, and then call and check with us also. I’m okay with kids coming in everyday checking to see if anything has changed,” commented Morris.

The process may take longer depending on what the scholarships donor wants to do with the remaining sum of the money. “Some tribes will keep the remaining sum or make a mistake and have to send the check back before it gets to the student.”