Tips for the Midterm Crunch

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Students stress during midterms.


Midterms are approaching fast, be prepared for late nights and early mornings. Midterms can be tough on a student especially if there are multiple exams scheduled in one day. College students have to manage their time to devote study to all courses that have a midterm exam. It’s important to prepare ahead of time to reduce the effects of that added midterm stress. Here are a few tips to stay on top:

  • Keep the mind and body alert! Sleep and nutrition are very important so avoid things like cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol prior to tests. “I try to stay away from things like candy and pop when preparing for tests. I also try to get as much sleep as possible to keep my body and mind healthy,” said Haskell student, Tashina Jim.
  • “Organization is key,” says Jordan Evans. “I set a schedule for when I want to study and also keep all my notebooks and study material in a nice neat order.” Jordan also states, “A few 30-minute sessions a day helps me recollect more information on tests.”
  • Participate in extra help/review sessions if offered by the professor or create a study groups with classmates. Attending review sessions may further clarify information. Jesse Burnette says, “I usually try to ask people in my class if they want to have a study group. Hearing other people’s inputs before tests always helps me.”

The same tips can be utilized for finals as well as midterm exams.  Students can always keep in mind for either that a nice spring or summer break awaits once exams are over.