How to get your Final Grades

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If you want to get your final grades at the end of the semester you need to pay all of your outstanding fees so you don’t have a hold. If you do not know if you are all paid up you need to go to the Business Office and check. In case you did not know, having a charge of a quarter at the library can keep you from getting your final grades.

You also need to update your address. You will do this by going to the Post Office and filling out the green cards that were placed in your mailbox or stop by the Registrar’s Office and update your mailing address. If you graduated this fall and are not going to be returning in the Spring it is a good idea to let the Post Office know so they know how many mail boxes that they will have available for upcoming freshman.

Grades should be mailed out by Monday, December 22nd. This does not mean that you will get them on this day. This just means that they should leave Haskell Campus at this time. Please allow a week or two to receive your grades. If you do not get your final grades it could be because of a hold or it was sent to your old address.

You can pre-order an Official Transcript and it should be mailed by Monday, December 22nd as well as long as you do not have any business holds.

If you have any questions please contact HINU Office of the Registrar is their email.

Congratulations to everyone here at Haskell Indian Nations University, you have all finished this semester. Keep on the education track and finish strong. Good luck on your finals.