ThunderBird Theatre To Hold Haskell Haunted House.

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Volunteers are still needed to help with the Thunderbird Theatres 2014 haunted house.

by Auluna Gullikson


Come one, come all! Ghouls, grab your gals and zombie-crawl on over to Haskell’s Pow-Wow grounds on October 28th, 29th and 30th. Enjoy three ghastly nights of terror and cheap thrills! Haskell students, teachers and alumni pay only three dollars. Caution! This is not a production for the faint-of-heart. Do not bring Grandma! There will be murderous clowns, bloodthirsty zombies and bone-chilling tales of things that will remain unnamed. We will be hosting an array of monsters and misfits.

Have you ever been daydreaming in Psychology class, pondering your existence? Or in Geography, studying our massive planet, when the thought strikes you, ‘Hey, wait a second, where do I fit in?’ You’re not alone, young Frankensteins; you don’t need to hide! The same goes for you – yes, you – the one picking at your steaming, fresh plate of brains, without appetite, wondering, ‘Why don’t I have any friends?’ Are you tired of smiling at people on campus to have them respond by dropping their belongings and running away screaming? We are too! We understand that you weren’t chasing her but merely trying to return her backpack. Alas, no one ever believes us. This message goes out to the werewolves who howl in the middle of the night, but feel that no one hears them. We’ll howl with you. This goes out to the lonely vampires; we’ll stay up with you. To the clown whose laughter always sounds maniacal, we’ll tell you jokes. And to everyone else who can be found lurking in the shadows, we are here for you.

If you would like to have a blast – a monster-mash – come to Tam-I-Nend on Tuesdays and Thursdays at six-o-clock. Whether you would like to be center-stage of our freakshow or if you would rather remain a lurker, we have a spot for you! We need people with many skills and interests – music, recording, howling, growling, lighting, decorating, creeping, crawling, acting, advertising and much more! Watch some horror flicks and come with ideas to Thunderbird Theatre. We’ll see you there!


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