Thoughts Of The Freshman

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Welcome Freshman!

by Raquel Butler

Students in line at Tecumseh Hall for Cultural Foods Night on Sunday evening.

Students in line at Tecumseh Hall for Cultural Foods Night on Sunday evening.

As a freshman many thoughts run through your head when you first get to college. Mackenzie Williamson states how she felt when she first arrived, “when I first came up here I thought that everyone was pretty nice, they made it very welcoming, the campus is nice, it’s very easy to navigate. It’s small and seems homey”

Tyler Jenkins feels like college forces you to grow up a bit, “it’s a lot different than high school, you’re expected to do everything on your own, and your teachers don’t help you as much as they would in high school. You’re out there by yourself”

He also states what he thinks about the campus, “It’s not too big, you can walk to the other end in a couple of minutes, I like not having to wake up early for class because most classes are so close.”

This year Haskell had such an overflow of freshman girls that many of them got placed into OK (Oceola-Keukuk) Hall. Mackenzie was one of those students; “being in OK Hall is better than Pokie (Pocahontas Hall) because its co-ed, so you don’t just have to deal with girls. I also hear that the rooms over here are bigger”

One freshman from Pocahontas Hall said, “I think staying in Pokie is helpful to the freshman because we are with a bunch of other students that are in the same position as us. The dorm also sets up a lot of stuff for us to do, which helps us get out of our rooms and meet people.”

As a freshman you have to learn how to transition from high school to college, but the size of Haskell can help make that transition easier. Mackenzie explains, “all of my classes seem to be a decent size. My public speaking class is kind of small, relatively speaking, but I think that’s a good thing. None of my classes are any bigger than about 30 people and I enjoy that.”

Tyler continues with saying, “having smaller class sizes helps because I can have more one on one with my teachers and not worry about falling behind like some college students do because of their class sizes.”

Its also hard for freshman to move away from home into something they aren’t used to, “being away isn’t that big of a deal right now, maybe it will be later on down the road when I get home sick, but I’m fine with it for now. I have been home once though,” says Mackenzie

Tyler explains what was toughest for him in the beginning, “there isn’t very many country people up here, there’s a couple on the football team but other than that I haven’t met anyone very country so I felt kind of out of place at first.”

Welcome to Haskell Indian Nations University! If you need any help in your transition to college life contact the Student Success Center in Sequoia Hall or The Counseling Center.