Forces Join for Haskell Pride Day

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Haskell students, faculty, and staff recently celebrated Haskell Pride Day by cleaning up things around campus and serving a great outdoor meal at Curtis Hall.

IMG_4910“There is a challenge between all of the buildings to see who can make their building look the best” mentioned Angelina Adams “the main goal is to help the campus look great for graduation.”
Many students helped out with some of the buildings landscaping. “I came out here because Marisa told me I could come out here and help plant stuff at Stidham.” stated Andrea Bowekaty. Another student Jessica Meyer said, “This is the first year I have ever seen this done, but I am glad we’re doing it, it’ll make the school look nicer. Plus, I really love gardening so I’m having fun”

Sandy Harris said, “I’m glad that we are doing this because I think it will make the campus look a lot better. It will add some color to the place”

Not only were students pleased to see some improvement done on campus, they were also impressed with the lunch served at Curtis Hall. Josiah Kurley said, “I liked the changed we had at Curtis, eating outside was nice and I think it should happen more often.”

Haskell Pride Day was a successful day with beautiful weather.