Recent Weather leads to Students Losing Spots in Classes.

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by Raquel Butler


Weather made it hard for students to return to campus on time this semester. Sadly, arriving late caused many of these students to lose their spots in their classes. Taylor Jolibois was on of these students.

“My flight was delayed arriving here because of the snow. I wasn’t able to get here on Sunday to pick up my schedule so they dropped all of my classes. I called the school to tell them, but I guess they don’t take phone calls for that ”

This added a lot of stress to Taylor’s first week back.Snow 2

“I had to spend my first two days of classes trying to get my teachers to let me join the classes. I had to have each teacher sign a paper saying that it was okay for me to enroll in the class, then I had to take the signatures to my advisor to finally officially get me enrolled” said Taylor “it pretty much ruined my first week back’

Smokey said that having more communication to the students about what must be done to hold our classes, if we are going to arrive late, could help prevent this from happening again.


“Although the snow caused a lot of problems for other students, my friends and I had fun building snowmen.” Said Madison Kaulay