2nd Annual Walk for our Ansestors a huge success.

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By Anthony Tarin

   On November 2nd the Indigenous American Indian Studies Club made happen another successful walk for our ancestors. The walk initially started with the idea to commemorate walks made of our ancestors, like the Trail of Tears. This year was no different. With Haskell students and community gathered and ready to walk down Mass street and end at the Cultural Center on campus the day was a success.

   The walk total is approximately 2 miles and barely compares to the walks our ancestors made to ensure we have the sovereign rights we do today. Without long travels made, Haskell itself would not be around today and going strong and making highly educated Natives that seek to help Indian Country.

   At the end of the walk, with the humble thanks of Patricia Main in letting walkers eat at the Light House, walkers had a good spaghetti dinner made by members of the Indigenous American Indian Studies Club. Next year, the walk is definitely in line to happen. The club thanks the City of Lawrence for allowing walkers to safely travel down Mass St.

   On behalf of the Indigenous American Indian Studies Club, we hope to see Haskell faces out there supporting the strong meaning behind walking for our ancestors. Onward Haskell and happy holidays.